Tips & Tricks on How To Spend Your Time with an Escort



If you have had previous experiences with an escort, you may already have an idea about this. It is however always a great learning opportunity to know more ways to make your experiences with escorts even better. For these girls, it is not only about pleasure as it is for you. They are here to make some money. 

That means that before you get the services of an escort, make sure that you’re loaded enough to pay for all the services you might want. Many escorts prefer taking cash payments. This is because some clients can write bouncy checks, and in a bid to prevent this loss of revenue, they take only cash.

To find more information about an escort, just type in their name or phone number on any internet browser. Here, you will get reviews from past clients who have either enjoyed the services or have had troubles of any kind. This will prepare you for the events that follow. You can also judge the business tone of an escort by their replies in phone calls or emails. Just like other businesses, judging the escort’s tone also applies here.

As you go into the encounter, it is important to always remember that escorts are people. They deserve respect, and you should always adhere to what they request. If they say “no” to something, it is best to avoid it. These are their rules of engagement. 

One of the most common is that escorts don’t allow for kissing in the mouth as they consider this to be too personal. Don’t go in expecting this. Just because you are paying for the service doesn’t mean you get to dictate everything. It is advisable to maintain the conversation as pleasant as possible.

As you go into the encounter, be sure that this is a business transaction like any other. Maintain “professionalism” and only stick to the matters that brought you there. Escorts always demand payment upfront, and you should not expect it to be a trade. Only money talks. It is vital to always stick to the set time limits and stop once it elapses. Also, don’t ask any personal questions about their lives as this is insensitive and unprofessional.

Before employing the services of a Stuttgart escort, conduct your due diligence online. They mostly post all the details about them to ensure clients know what they are signing up for before calling them up. Consider all factors before calling, and if you don’t feel fully assured, take some courage, and call to inquire. In a bid to make the experience better, some people take alcohol. This is however not recommended to take any if you cannot handle the effects appropriately.

As you begin your session with an escort, it is vital to declare your health status before anything happens. Opening up will create an atmosphere of confidence and she too might declare hers. It is vital to ensure you are as hygienic as possible. Before the session, take a shower, clean your teeth, and most importantly, shave! To create an instant rapport, bring small gifts such as flowers or a bar of chocolate.

Escorts always have safe sex, and you should not expect anything more. If you enjoy your time with her, it is good to say thank you and even tip if you can. Now prepare to have the best time of your life.


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