What Makes Escort Services Different From Prostitution


Both escorts and prostitutes have different definition altogether, and many are there who confuses both as the same, who offer sex for money. Escort services include not just sex, but they can give you company and be your temporary partner. However, prostitution only involves sex for money. Here are some of the differences that you should know.

Services they provide

It is important to understand that both escort services and prostitution are quite different from each other, while the escort services will provide you time, company, as well as sex only if you want. However, the prostitutes are different since their only motive is to get money in return for sex. Hence, prostitutes will never provide you anything or they do not have any other services to offer apart from sex.

On the other hand, escorts mostly take money for the services they provide, but if you offer something else, they will accept it as well. Due to this reason, opting for the escorts in Dulwich is a good idea since they will not only try to be your temporary partner but also give you company wherever you go only if you ask for it. Prostitutes will never give you search services since their only intention is to have sex and taking money in return.

Huge difference in personality

Escorts have an attractive personality, they have two different targets both at the same time, which includes taking money for offering services, and another one is to make sure that you are satisfied with the service. They will always try to satisfy you with the services, even if it just includes having a simple conversation. Due to this reason, people looking for a company always choose to hire for the escorts in Dulwich. They will only involve in sexual activities if you give consent.

However, when it comes to prostitutes, their only goal is to gain money and satisfy as many clients as they can only due to income. Few even have the habit of doing alcohol as well as drugs and selling them. Prostitutes do not have any impressive personality apart from sexual gratification; therefore, you cannot take them to any elegant parties or events.

Legal differences

Many countries are there where selling prostitution services is illegal. Both the agency and the person hiring for the service are criminals. However, when it comes to escort services, things are different and legal. Escorts do not exchange money for sex, but they take it for giving you company.

Hence, these are some of the things that make escort services different from those of prostitution services.


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